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The Nature of Science

Can come from observations
If we get chemicals in our eyes we must wash them out at the ______ wash station
Part of a lab report that gives step by step instructions to be followed
Tell what is going to happen before it happens
Using ones senses to gather information
Said "Nothing in the world is worth having or doing unless it means effort and difficulty"
Variable in an experiment that is changed intentionally
Understanding a problem or result so an informed decision can be made on how to proceed and come to a solution
Team task that empowers collaborative, rigorous thinking
Procedure designed to test a hypothesis
Best college sports team
Data the is able to be measured or counted
Treating others they way you want to be treated
Group in an experiment that is tested by changing variables
The first thing at the top of a lab report
The last thing at the bottom of a lab report
Group in an experiment that is kept the same
What you think will happen based on what you know
Variable in an experiment that changes as a result of the independent variable
1st level of blooms taxonomy
Data that is observed by can not be expressed by numbers
Level of Blooms Taxonomy that requires adding to, combining, constructing and producing products
Scientists share findings openly either in writing or verbally
Grouping by similar characteristics
Represent concepts too large, small or difficult to see or understand