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History of Psychology

Psic. Karina Diaz
Conscious experiences are composed of sensations, feelings, and images.
Diseases don't have divine causes, but specific abnormalities of the brain
New experiences remind us os similar experiences in the past
One of th methods of Hipocrates
Suggested that the brain is the seat of mental processes.
Believed that the human mind imposes meaning to related experiences.
Defines behavior or the mental phenomena in terms of their functions in man’s adjustment to his environment.
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Soul is the origin of life
Soul and body form a unit
Founded the first psychology laboratory in a university
People are motivated by powerful, unconscious drives and conflicts.
Broke down consciousness into objective sensations and subjective feelings
He said the knowledge is not inborn, but written by experience.
Soul and body are separated
Emphasized the need to study what is observable.
Founder of psychoanalysis
Human mind born like a blank sheet of paper
Third eye of the brain. The seat of the mind