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Introduction to Anatomy and Chemistry

Back area to ribs and hips
The term that indicates all chemical reactions occurring in the body
Toward the head
Building blocks of nucleic acids
Belly button region
The smallest part of an element; indivisible by ordinary chemical means
Not soluble in water
The science of the functioning of living organisms
Away from the body surface
Building blocks of carbohydrates
The basic biological unit of living organisms
Plays a vital role in cell function and acts as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies
Provides the instructions for building every protein in the body
Belly side
Posterior aspect of the head
Buttock area
Provides the means for the control center's response (output) to the stimulus
The nucleic acid that contains ribose; acts in protein synthesis
Toward the midline
Provides a form of chemical energy that all body cells can use.
Pertaining to the cheek
A substance that breaks down into ions when in solution and is capable of conducting an electric current
A steroid found in animal fats as well as in most body tissues; made by the liver
A modified triglyceride containing phosphorus
Compounds composed of fatty acids and glycerol; fats and oils; also called neutral fats
The single most important fuel source for the body cells
Describes the body's ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions
Toward or at the body surface
The body's process of breaking down foods chemical and mechanically
Which the body takes in through food, contain the chemicals used for energy and cell building
Farther from the trunk or point of attachment
Back side