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Natural Approach to Chemistry Chapter 1.1 What Chemistry is About

Name ________________________________
Block ________
Measurements require two things _____ & _____.
Key on scientific calculator that allow you to enter exponents easily
Unit used to count atoms.
Byproduct of metabolism in the body.
Tells you how close measurements are to the accepted value.
SI Base unit for temperature.
A technique that uses conversion factors to convert one unit into another.
The process plants use to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose.
Unit for pressure
Used to measure the volume of a liquid in mL.
You lose 2L of water during ____ _____ of exercise.
Vitamin C and this group of 12 different vitamins are water soluble.
1kg = 1000 _____.
Chemicals the body needs but does not produce itself from raw materials in food.
Water makes up approximately what percent of a physically fit human.
Where does most of the mass of a tree come from?
Neutralizes free radicals.
1 cubic centimeter = 1 ____.
Force per unit Area
Property that describes an objects mass per unit volume.
Fire is a form of heat and light _____.
Shorthand used for writing and calculating extremely large or small numbers
Vitamins stored in the liver.
A ratio of two units that equals 1.
Number of base units in the International System (SI) of units.
The amount of matter in an object.
The amount of space an object takes up.
Tells you how close measurements are to each other.
SI Base unit for mass.
The force of gravity acting on a mass.