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Spelling List 2 Puzzle 2

When I am at church, I am on my best ____.
I like ___ because I can study animals.
If I cry a lot, I am ____.
If Maw Maw will ___ me go, I will spend the night with Boogie.
If I am round like a baseball, I am ___.
Aunt Leslie's ___ is school counselor.
The fox will be ___ when Paw Paw shoots it.
The electric massager will ___.
Christmas is a ___ time.
The ___ pumped water up for the cows.
A six-year-old boy is a ___.
I choked when ice went down my ___.
If I have two dimes and a nickel, I can trade them for a ____.
Grant likes history, so he may become a ___.
Gregg Abbott is the ___ of Texas.
I don't like to ___ because I have to make my voice go too high.
The Lovelady Lions were ____ over the Anderson Owls.
Every Fourth of July we have a fireworks ___ at the camphouse.
I always feed my cats; I am not ____.
If I am right and exact, I am ____.
The fox comes out at ___ to get a chicken.
I gain ___ by studying hard for school.
Paw Paw chopped down the ___ of trees.
One large flat area in Texas is the Edwards ____.
Furniture polish gives the table top a ___.
Mrs. Pustka makes us write in a ___.