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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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41. Using the picture below, is this the way your arms should look when __________ the volleyball?
43. In order to score a point in the game of volleyball a team must have started the volley with a __________.
31. When playing a game of disc golf a how has been designated as a par 4 hole. What does this mean? This is the number of __________ that a player should typically be able to get to the hole in.
37. If a player lands the disc in the basket/hole on their __________ throw, this is referred to as a hole in one.
35. You have been working out for three weeks now and have reached a plateau, implementing the principle of __________ will allow you to overcome that plateau to once again improve.
44. A ball that hits the net on any played ball other than serve is __________. (FALSE).
26. In other counties soccer is commonly referred to as __________.
46. When the defense kicks the ball out of bounds over the endline, the __________ is awarded a corner kick.
28. When performing a push pass in soccer you want to plant your non-kicking foot alongside the ball and strike the ball with the inside of your __________.
40. It is __________ for a player to be out of bounds in order to hit the ball.
34. Disc golf is similar to the game of golf in that each throw is referred to as a __________.
36. Proper etiquette for a disc golf game is that the player with the lowest amount of strokes is the first person to __________ at the next hole. (FALSE)
50. When performing a throw-in, a __________ is allowed to have one foot to leave the ground. (FALSE)
47. The goalie is the only player allowed to use their __________ in soccer.
30. How long does a player continue to serve the ball during a volleyball game? Until his/her team makes a __________.
38. When performing a bicep curl the muscles that are engaged are the __________, triceps and pectorals. (FALSE)
42. In volleyball, a __________ is worth two points while all other scores are wother one point.
27. When does a volleyball team rotate? When the team gains the __________.
32. Johnathan is participating in a resistance training program where he does 5x10 of chest presses using his right then again using his left arm. The number 5 represents the number of sets that Johnathan is __________.
33. When throwing a disc or a Frisbee for disc golf you can only use your __________ hand. (FALSE)
39. One __________ strategy to utilize during resistance training is to hold your breath. (FALSE)
48. When __________ the soccer ball, you are stopping or controlling the ball.
45. A bump pass is used for __________ up a spike. (FALSE)
49. A __________ on Team A, kicked the ball over the sideline then Team B is awarded a goal kick. (FALSE)
29. A soccer team plays with __________, number of players on the field.