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US History II Vocab Review

Conclusion based on evidence and background knowledge
Home of steel production, located in Northeast region
This city is located in the Non-Contiguous region; was bombed on Dec. 7, 1941
Region home to two states, which are not attached to the continental USA
Study of places, and relationships between people and environment
Hayfield and Wash. DC are in this region
Created after the event happened, not when it happened
Region is home to Chicago Meat Packing industry
Cities in Northeast Region, known for textile production
Firsthand or eyewitness information
Judgemental decision based upon a person's group
City located in Midwest region, known for automobile production
Customs, beliefs, and practices of a specific group
Located in Midwest region, known for Meat packing industry
Region known for Textile production
Study of buried past, artifacts, and fossils
An action, prior to the effect
My culture is better than yours; I am ______________
Mr. Mercer has an irrational dislike of any team in New York
Region which is home to Denver, Co. and Salt Lake City, Ut.
An educated guess
Man made object
Region which is home to cowboys, cattle, and ranches
An incomplete and selective record of the past
Western most region of USA that does not include Hawaii or Alaska
Happens after the Cause