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History Biographies Weeks 1 & 2

Archimedes needed to find out if the king's crown was pure gold. He figured it out by taking a ...
Aristotle thought the Earth was...
Was there a school for Gladiators?
Aristotle tutored Alexander, as a reward, the king freed the..
Who Aristotle taught
Aristotle thought that the wind could determine this animal's gender
Bucephalus was Alexander the Great's beloved...
Archimedes used his inventions to help who?
Archimedes was a mathematician, which means he was great at...
Alexander the Great was a commander and a ...
Spartacus and the other slaves used the vines off of these to repel down the mountain and sneak attack their enemies!
Means Before Christ
Where Aristotle and Archimedes were born
Means "great thinker"
Was Spartacus' body ever found?
Alexander the Great may have died from....
Alexander built one of the biggest empires in history, but he turned back and went home because his soldiers missed their....
Gladiators were slaves who were forced to...