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History Chapter 1

By Dalton Mower
One of the tries in the southernmost region
Where black men and women were taken from
Agricultural estates
Connects the pacific and arctic ocean, believed that early migration went across this
One of the 5 Iroquois nations
Rounded Southern tip of Africa
Wanted to explore the west coast of Africa
Traveled north from Mexico
Name that meant world shaker
Many believe he discovered America
Centered in what is now upstate NY
Wiped out a thrid of the population
Disease the natives did not have immunity to
Natives were called this
An eleventh century Norse Seaman
European marrying a Native
People in the Eastern third of the US
For the history of humans in America of 5,000 years starting in 8000 B.C.
3rd largest language group
Colony was established here
Found a strait that now bears his name
What natives hunted with
Returned from Asia with exotic goods, is also the name of a popular pool game
Wanted to purify the church