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History Biographies Weeks 3-4

Saint Frances gave all his money to the.....
Nero executed anyone who didn't agree with him, including his...
It's said that Nero played what instrument as Rome burned?
He chased his enemy, Pompey, all the way to Egypt
Some thought Caesar was too powerful. When he came into the senate, he got......
In his new palace, Nero put up a huge statue of whom?
At 40, Julius Caesar was elected to be Consul, which is like a....
Saint Francis of Assisi was captured and taken prisoner. He was put where for a whole year?
Who kidnapped Caesar and later were killed by him?
Legend says that Saint Francis tamed a wild what?
Caesar changed what to have 365 days?
Who killed Nero?
It is said that who poisoned the emperor so that Nero would be emperor instead?
Nero spent a lot of money on what?
Saint Francis of Assisi gave up his riches and instead, chose to become what?
The Pharaoh gave a gift to Caesar, it was his enemy's ....
Saint Frances set up the first known what to celebrate Christmas?
Saint Frances of Assisi showed what to the Muslims, instead of war?
Who did Nero have rounded up and killed in terrible ways? Yikes!
Saint Francis was known for his love of nature and.....
Was Nero a kind leader?
Who liked to race chariots?
Saint Francis of Assisi began listening to God and following him.Did that make his father happy or mad?