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History Biographies Weeks 5-6

Joan of Arc was sentenced to death for dressing like a ...
How old was Joan of Arc when she was burned at the stake?
How did Joan of Arc get her ideas about going to battle? She saw...
What did Gutenberg invent that's one of the most important inventions of modern times?
Johannes Gutenberg was a what?
After Joan of Arc helped the king reclaim his throne, did he help her when she was captured?
Which book is Gutenberg most known for, that he mass-produced for the first time so that anyone could have one?
Did the king decide to let Joan of Arc fight in battle, even though she was a girl?
There are only about 21 Gutenberg Bibles left. Are they now worth hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars?
Did Joan of Arc forgive her enemies, even though they burned her at the stake?
Was Joan of Arc rich?
While Joan was waiting on the king to answer, she did what to prepare for battle?
Where was Johannes Gutenberg born?
Even though Joan of Arc was young, she went and met with the...
In battle, Joan of Arc was wounded by a what, but kept fighting?