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AP World History Terms

We are not allowed to forget anything!  Here's a review for you!
This alloy is made of copper, tin, and other metals to improve its durability.
The king who united ancient Egypt
Mesopotamia is primarily in this modern day country
This Mesopotamian city-state was concquered by the Kassites and then the Hittites
Mesopotamia is based between two rivers; the Tigris and the
"New Stone" in latin
The Zhou dynasty was established by conquering and absorbing the culture of the the
Societal structure with men, or fathers, at the top of the family
In the Zhou Dynasty, this "rule" stated that leaders were blessed by god as long as they ruled wisely
The first known female ruler
River Valley in modern India and Pakistan
West African society that migrates to take advantage of weather
The written language of Mesopotamia, created with a wedge-type instrument.
Egyptian writing that uses pictographs
Ancient Egyptian leaders held this title
The Nile River does this annually on a schedule; many other rivers do this unpredictably
Using knowledge of seasons, moon cycles, and the length of day many societies created one of these to help predict when events would happen
A way of organizing governmental tasks by department
Modern day Iran used to be called this:
Pyramidal structure of the ancient Mesopotamians, used in religious ceremonies
Nomadic tribes from the Caucusus Mountains that invaded the Indus River valley with advanced weapons and horses
Egyptian society was built along the _______ river
Early, possibly the first, codified legal code
The top caste in Hinduism, the priest class
Worshiping multiple gods; Pagan
This "Pass" through the Hindu Kush Mountains kept the Indus peoples from being cut off from trade
One who moves around; someone (or something) that has no established home.
Polytheistic religion of the Indus people
Ancient society based in modern-day Mexico
Ancient Society based in the modern-day Andes Mountains