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American History 8

Early Americans
A disease that quickly sweeps an area
Colony founded by the Puritans
Taken by force to do work
Portable housing for nomadic native groups
European religion
Europeans thought they could own it but natives said no.
Native tribe who met the Puritans
A metal early natives didn't have
Drinking this helped kill Jamestown colonists
Native belief that spirits live in things
America was named after him
Wampanoag chief
Precious metal desired by Europeans
Another word for Indian corn
Hand-held European firing weapon
State where Jamestown is located
The ocean east of Jamestown
Main diet of the Plains natives
Number of ships on Columbus's first voyage
Female hero of Jamestown
Ship that carried the Puritans
Leader of the Jamestown colony
Bows and ______
The "time" of hunger and desperation
The cash crop that would save Jamestown