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Psychology Unit 1&2 Study Guide

The ______ variable depends on the independent variable
(2 words) The study of psychological issues that have direct practical significance; also, the application of psychological findings
A psychological perspective that emphasizes social and cultural influence on behavior
(2 words) If p<.01, it is said to be ______
The father of psychoanalysis
(2 words) A detailed description of a one person, based on careful observation or on formal psychological testing
The science of the nature, functions, and phenomena of the human mind (and formerly the soul) and how they are affected by physical state, mental state, and the external environment
(2 words) Falsely assuming a correlation demonstrates causation
A psychological perspective that emphasizes how bodily events affect behavior, feelings, and thoughts
Unintended changes in study participants’ behavior due to cues accidentally given by the experimenter
False science
(2 words) Evidence gathered by careful observation, experimentation, and measurement
A ______ has an M.D. and can prescribe medication, but does not necessarily practice therapy
Correlation does not equal ______
A part of a population that is used to make assumptions about that population