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Review: Studying History

Teacher: Scarborough
A primary source written about a person by him or herself.
An area in which an archaeologist is working.
The study of the past using primary and secondary sources
A common form of oral histories
The study of artifacts and fossils
Looking at an event from a particular viewpoint.
This form of personal writing is always a primary source.
A technique used to test the age of an artifact or fossil.
Anything made and used by a person as a tool.
A point of view that is usually negative; often comes with a refusal to consider other ideas.
A grid pattern used to keep track of artifacts found during a dig.
Anything that has been preserved in stone.
The study of human kind including societies, cultures, and developments
History that is spoken not written
An original artifact that was part of the event being studied.
To find information about someone or something
This book that students use often is always a secondary source, although it may contain primary sources within it.
To dig something up from the dirt.
A secondary source written about a person by another person
This was developed in Sumeria and came to completely change how people recorded the events that happened to them.