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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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History Biographies Weeks 9-10

Sacagawea went with Lewis and Clark as a guide and brought her little ____.
Napoleon was crowned by ______
When Napoleon invaded Russia, it went well and they had plenty of supplies for the whole journey. True or false?
This word means: kicked out of your home and put somewhere else by force.
Lewis and Clark traveled across the _____ Mountains and it was HARD!
NASA'S Mars Rover was named _____
Napoleon formed a new government, called The Consulate, with his _______
Lewis and Clark brought glass beads and trinkets with them to trade with the _____.
Napoleon was France's first _______
Napoleon said that jobs shouldn't be given to people because of who they were, but because of their ______
Was Sacagawea a friend or an enemy of Lewis & Clark?
Sacagawea gave up her beaded ____ to trade for a coat for the president.
Sojourner Truth was a _____
Abolitionists want to get rid of ______
This word means "Someone who has total power and usually took it by force".
Lewis and Clark were _______.
Napoleon was born in ______
Sojourner Truth had how many brothers and sisters?
Could Sojourner Truth marry who she wanted?
To what ocean did Lewis & Clark travel?