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History Biographies week 11

Abraham Lincoln didn't have much schooling, but learned from and loved _____.
The Emancipation Proclamation was an order that freed the _____.
Was the Underground Railroad a real railroad with a train?
Abraham Lincoln was murdered by John Wiles Booth while at the ______.
Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln ran for U.S. Senate. Did he win or lose?
The people who helped the slaves and hid them were called ______.
Abraham Lincoln's nickname was Honest ___.
Harriet Tubman started a job caring for a baby at age ___.
Was Harriet Tubman ever caught and did she ever lose a slave?
Harriet Tubman's mother taught her the most important thing, the ____.
The United States had a war with The Confederacy. It was called the _____ War.
How many states seceded and made their own country called The Confederacy.
Abraham Lincoln helped the North win over the South and wanted an end to ______.
Harriet Tubman's house had how many rooms for her family of 13?
This word means, "To not be a part of the United Sates anymore".
The Underground Railroad was a series of safe _____ that would hid the slaves as they traveled north.
Abraham Lincoln liked to put letters and documents in his stove-piped ___.
How was Harriet Tubman like Daddy? She was a _____.