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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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History Biographies weeks 12-13

Alexander Graham Bell also made a device to help find _____ so ships won't hit them.
The famous ice skating rink in New York, where they light the big Christmas tree is named _______ Center.
During Rockefeller's life, what kind of oil was used in the lamps to light the rooms at night?
"The secret to getting ahead is getting ______." -Mark Twain
John Rockefeller was one of the _____ men in history.
Just like you, Alexander Graham Bell was ________.
Suffrage means that girls can ____.
Alexander Graham Bell became interested in sound because his mom and wife were both ____.
When one person owns everything and their business doesn't have any competition, it's called a ________ (like the board game).
The problem with using whale oil in the lamps was that a lot of whales had to be ______, so Rockefeller wanted to find a different oil to use.
Alexander Graham Bell was an ______.
True or False: Thomas Edison did a lot of work on inventing cameras for movies at the theaters?
Mark Twain was an _____.
Before Mark Twain wrote his books, he studied hard to be a steamboat _____.
Thomas Edison may be one of the greatest inventors in history, but he did NOT do well in school and so he was ________.
Alexander Graham Bell is famous for inventing the _____.
"________ is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see." -Mark Twain
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin were written by Mark _____.
Rockefeller wanted to control all the oil businesses in the _____.
A philanthropist is someone who gives away a lot of their ____ to do good in the world.
As a boy, Thomas Edison saved a child from a runaway ____.