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U.S History Project

William Pitt___the english treasury
Term for French Calvinists
A group that pools a collection of money together
Spanish muslim
Home to Dissenters
Quakers outlawed____
Due to treaty of Paris, French must leave____
Braddock took 2500 men to ____
George washington liked solitude. He spent months alone in the ______
Lone power in America
___is Godly to New Englanders
____became a holiday in 1863, made by Abe Lincoln
"They tip their hat to no man"
Roger Williams will get a charter in 1644 for the setttlement of ___ _____
Caused desire for better life on Earth
Charles II reclaims the throne from ____ in 1660
____citizens thought unchurched people were "heathens"
Columbus landed in North America, but he thought he was in ____
Renaissance charged wealth from land to _____