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Chapters 4 & 5: Prehistoric Aegean & Ancient Greece

British ambassador to the Ottoman court at Istanbul who took many of the Parthenon sculptures to England
Priest of Troy
Maze; also "House of the Double Axes" where the Minotaur lived (Knossos)
Architect of the Proylaia
Goddess of wisdom & strategic warfare
Female votive figure
Master sculptor of the 4th century BCE
Messenger of the gods
Picture gallery
City on Crete; home to the legend of the Minotaur
In Greek, "double ax"
Wrote the Republic
Reception hall
Aka ancient Thera; home to remains of Minoan colony
Englishman who uncovered the palace at Knossos
Liquid offerings to the deceases
Composite figure of a horse & man
A bust on a square pillar
Greek mainland
Sculptor and overseer of the Acropolis
Greek pottery: perfume bottle
Refers to Aegean islands that circle around Delos
Wife & sister of Zeus
Agamemnon's great citadel
"the skillful one"
God of fire & metalworking
Temple to Athena
Refers to masonry style using large, irregular stone
Vaulting in which stone courses are cantilevered inward until two walls meet
Column based on the female form
German amateur archeologist who uncovered Troy, Mycenae & Tiryns
"Man is the measure of all things."
Beehive-shaped tonb
Male votive figure
Refers to type of Minoan pottery
Covered colonnades
Mythological king of Crete
Column based on the male form
Masonry style using carefully cut stones
Passageway leading to the tholos