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18. The Bill of Rights

Right of the 8th amendment
To testify against one's self (two words)
Government taking private property for public use (two words)
Money to guarantee appearance in court
Right of the second amendment (two words)
Required location of a trial
One who authorizes a legal search warrant
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
A legal document to search
Powers of both state and federal governments
Author of The Bill of Rights
Right of the first amendment
Right of the first amendment
Right of the first amendment
Proper and orderly working of the legal system (two words)
Right of the first amendment
Powers given to the federal government
Person testifying for or against you
Crime punishable by imprisionment
Being tried twice for the same crime (two words)
One who refuses military service on the basis of religion (two words)
Accusation of a major crime
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
Military force made up of civilians
Group that determines whether to accuse someone of a crime (two words)
Right of the sixth amendment
Rights protected by the Constitution (two words)
Addition to the Constitution
Unwritten law
Crime punishable by death
Written law
Powers kept by the state governments
The Bill of Rights are the first ______ amendements
Rights of the first amendment
____ jury
Month the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution