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The Eighth Man Crossword #2

Published Oct. 5, 2016
Eighth Man co-founder nicknamed "Captain America"
West regional tournament this coming weekend
Newer rule, which can largely be traced back to Kansas
Cowboys, not Buckeyes
Illegal type of tackle
Games can't end in this
Goal valuation
Should Mitch Cavender be given his "T8M Top Ten Show" he might...
Increased rules for snitch contact were added to make the game more...
A favorite pastime for some refs
2013 Sportsman of the Year
25% of regional coordinators
World Cup VI star beater for Texas
How most games end
"Legion of Broom" college program
When beat, immediately get...
Middlebury Andy
How Dallas gets us to finish articles
Snitch handicaps are enforced solely based on what?
Michigan and Ohio community team names tend to share this word.
Controversial "and play" policy
The worse type of/time for regionals