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History Crossword

Teacher: Mrs Homan
The History of the Standard Oil Co.
Secret ballot made ___ 's choice anonymous
Urban ___
Using recall voters can remove an elected ___ by direct vote
Large flood hit this city in Ohio
___ Anti Trust Act
Created How the Other Half Lived
Gave women suffrage
___ Food & Drug Act
Created The Shame of the Cities
Progressive ___
Roosevelt's nickname
___ Reform
Devastating hurricane went through this city in Texas
___Anti Trust Act
___ Relief
___ Act, gave power to government to regulate railroads
Civil service reform made it that government jobs were awarded by ___
Created the Square Deal
Took photos of child labor
Voters can remove an elected official by direct vote by using this
Created The Octopus
___ Primary
Book by Upton Sinclair
Journalist who exposed the hardships of cities
Wrote The Jungle
The right to vote
People who wanted a government job had to take this___
Created The Bitter Cry of the Children
Who Made up the National Grange?
___ ballot
This is the public's vote to approve or disapprove a measure
Believed business should be taxed, not land
___ Inspection Act, required USDA to inspect animals before slaughter
___ Reserve Act
The 19th Amendment gave this group the right to vote
Business should be taxed, not ___