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Chemical Elements

By: Nikhil Shah

A vital element to all living organisms and reacts when mixed with other elements
Lightest element of them all and used for gas and oil
Has a reddish shiny color and a currency is made from it with the face of 16th president
Hard metal that has a sweet taste and known to be in emeralds
It's all around us and made up 21% of the earth atmosphere
Has a fast-moving liquid form and is very poisonous
One of the noble gases and reacts when mixed with compounds
Mentioned in the second book of the old testament and used to make pencils
Harder than gold and has a higher electrical conductivity
Is a highly reactive metal and explodes with a purple flame
Contained in all living organisms and can bond with itself and other elements
It's orderless and colorless however, it's also found in food and explosives
Is colorless, tasteless and balloons need it to be pumped
It's been around since ancient times and has a yellow nonmetallic color
Forms in salt lakes and a most common household
Can be found in jewelry and can be use in furniture