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Spelling Words 10-10-16

This is a type of cooking often used on chicken
The past tense word for "draw"
One of the states in our country
You say this about George a lot
To talk to in a stern voice
This is where birds and airplanes fly
The stars and the sun shine _____
Your body has a lot of these!
When something is a little small or squeezes you it feels this way
This is a young human
More than a couple, but less than many
The opposite of left
This is another word for donkey
You do this to your shoelaces
The area of land by the ocean
A 3d version of a rectangle. A dice is an example of this.
When someone is big and strong you could say they are _______
This is what dad does every Sunday night at church
To break down into little pieces
This is a type of dessert