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Sociological Concepts

One status within a set that stands out or overrides all others
values, beliefs, behaviors, and social norms
Strong negative norm, strict prohibition of the bheavior
the idea that conflict between competing interests is the basic, animating force of social change and society in general
the ability to see the connections between our personal experience and the larger forces of history
social norms that are widely observed and are considered to have greater moral significance than others
the belief that one’s own culture or group is superior to others, and the tendency to view all other cultures from the perspective of one’s own
The incompatibility among roles corresponding to a single status
Recognizable social position that an individual occupies
The blending of fusing of minority groups into the dominant society.
the view of social life as essentially a theatrical performance, in which we are all actors on metaphorical stages, with roles, scripts, costumes, and sets
everything that is a part of our constructed, physical environment, including technology
All the statuses one holds simultaneously
Behavior that matches group expectations.
a com-plex group of interdependent positions that, together, perform a social role and reproduce themselves over time
A status into which one enters into
sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female
Published Suicide, which examined how and individual's acts are influenced by society
the customs or conventions of daily life
A social condition in which norms are weak, conflicting, or absent.