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This sport can be done in snowy, mountainous locations
The country located directly south of the United States that is often visited for its beaches
A place you could go to walk in the sand and swim in the water.
London is the most well known city in this European country
A case used to carry clothing and other personal belongs on vacations
A yellow car that can take you from place to place
A very large canyon in northern Arizona formed by the Colorado river
A person who is traveling or visiting a place for fun
The native language spoken in Spain
A building where objects of historical, cultural, scientific, or artistic interest are stored and shown.
A device for capturing visual images in the form of photographs
This state is home of the Golden Gate Bridge
These are used to prevent the sun from shining too brightly in your eyes
A large building from which airplanes take off and land
A building where you can stay the night on your vacation