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Chapter 2 Math Review

Rounding numbers to add them together.
Round 46 to the nearest ten.
Step #3 in problem solving.
The answer to an addition problem.
Step #4 in problem solving.
Changing a number to the closest ten or hundred.
138 + 42 =
Round 478 to the nearest ten.
Step #1 in problem solving.
Step #2 in problem solving.
The digits you add together in a number sentence are ________.
Property of addition where there are parentheses grouping addends together.
Round 389 to the nearest hundred.
29 + 0 =
Round 157 to the nearest hundred.
Round 831 to the nearest hundred.
Property of addition where the addends can switch places and the answer is the same.
Symbols that group numbers together. (Hint: when you see these, you GO THERE FIRST!)
(15+3) + 4 =
What do you get when you ESTIMATE 133 + 45? (Hint: Round to the nearest ten, then add together)
Property of addition where adding zero doesn't change your answer.
Round 12 to the nearest ten.