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2nd grade part 1

Scripps Spelling Bee list
A really big meal
The one that does something in a sentence, or what the sentence is about
Not backward
I put these on the table before we eat a meal
A really fancy word for talk or play with someone
The part of me you can't see, touch, feel, or weigh
Even darker than dark
Where I get my cakes
Not all of a thing, just some of it
An upside-down smile
Time to eat
Rain gets in my roof
Time to clean my room, or brush my hair
Don't slip on my peel
Shiny and whitish, not gold
Talk happily and quickly without stopping
What I give a storekeeper
Means the same as may, but is also strong
A question like this clue
Doesn't break easily
The end of my balloon
When I'm bad, my owner is angry
Use this with a brush to make a picture
A roof on the front of a house
Not straight