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2nd grade part 2

Scripps Spelling Bee list
Skin cream
Sleeping in a chair
A fancy word for room
These crosswords are...
The boss of a city
A flame does this, or I can use my finger as a...
Means prefer, rhymes with father
What a cat does on a mouse
Flat, with wheels, fun to ride on, good for tricks
Small rocks, generally roundish
Stopped something from happening
Where I go to take a few days' break from work
Look for me when you need to know where to turn
The capital city of England
Not old
A story that rhymes
Things I take on a trip
What the cowboy did to his horse when he went into the hotel
A vegetable that makes people cry
A word for goodbye
Some mommies and daddies are...
Where I start a story
A place people go to play games
Very squeaky, hurts my ears