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AP Environmental Science

A broad, regional type of ecosystem characterized by distinctive climate and soil conditions and a distinctive kind of biological community adapted to those conditions.
Prominent oceanic features composed of hard, carbonaceous skeletons produced by coral animals; usually formed along edges of shallow, submerged ocean banks or along shelves in warm, shallow, tropical seas. Home to the greatest biodiversity of any biome. Threatened by certain fishing practices and ocean acidification.
Evolution in which two or more species interact and exert selective pressures on each other that can lead each species to undergo various adaptations
____ has the most destructive effects on ocean floor ecosystems
A species considered to be in imminent danger of extinction as classified by the IUCN
Trees from a number of genera that live in salt water. Above surface root structure extends below water level, providing habitats for marine life. Also can provide buffer against erosion and storm surge
A ridge of rocks or sand, often of coral debris, at or near the surface of the water
Are species that are not native to an area, and can be there due to human activity
The largest wetlands restoration project in the US
Wetland without trees; in North America, this type of land is characterized by cattails and rushes.
was introduced into the Great Lakes and has now spread through most of the major river systems in central and eastern U.S.
growth rates regulated by internal and external factors that establish an equilibrium with environmental resources
Chapter 8: An ecosystem located in a body of water; provides flood control, climate moderation, and nutrients cycling. Includes fresh and saltwater ecosystems
A bay or drowned valley where a river empties into the sea.
A biome dominated by grasses and associated herbaceous plants