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Hit and miss by Derek Jeter & Paul Mantell

The sport Derek would play every once in a while besides baseball
Derek's coaches last name
The name of Derek's current little league team
He is Who helped Derek stay confident in baseball and focus better
The reason why Derek was sent to the principal
He is one of Derek's friends that loves golf
The number of rules on Derek's contract
The reason why sharlee was so upset because of jimmy
Derek's sweet little sister
Derek's coaches first name
The reason why Dave thanks Derek's dad
Derek's favorite position in baseball
Derek's favorite sport
The grade Derek was in
The sport that made Derek's arms tired the day before he played baseball
Who Derek compares grades with in school
WWho Derek always compared test grades with
The kid who made sharlee so upset
Derek's best friend
Derek's lucky but favorite number
Derek's dream team in baseball
The sport that sharlee plays and likes
The position that Derek's friend Dave played
The number of rules on Derek's contract
IIt's Derek's secondary position in baseball
The name of Derek's friend Daves driver