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Atom and Chemical Bond Terms

A uncharged particle in an atom.
How many neutron are in an isotope of chlorine with a mass of thirty seven; chlorine-37
The smallest form of matter.
Locations around the nucleus where electrons are found.
The number of neutrons in iodine.
Bond formed between a metal and a nonmetal
Show how many atoms of each element a covalent compound has.
An element with twenty nine electrons
The electrons on the outermost energy level of an atom furthest from the nucleus.
The amount of neutrons in strontium
An element with 16 protons
This states that atoms tend to want to achieve a complete outside energy level of 8 electrons.
Positively charged particle in the nucleus
Elements that tend to form covalent bonds
When atoms are held together/form a compound by sharing electrons.
Total number of protons and neutrons,
Atoms of an element with the same number of protons but different mass numbers.
A substance that contains 2 or more elements chemically compound.
The number representing the number of protons and electrons.
Particles found orbiting the nucleus.
A neutral group of atoms joined together by a covalent bond.