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AP World History Ch.7 Terms

These terms are from the Princeton Review, Chapter 7. 
Trade network that connected Far East empires to those of the Mediterranean (two words)
Short-lived empire that began construction of the Great Wall of China
Religion that lacks a supreme being; has followers accepting Four Noble Truths
Social system that developed out of Hinduism
Two aristocrats in ancient Greece who helped establish democracy and who helped ensure open participation (three words)
Zoroastrianism dealt with this duality that later came to influence monotheistic faiths of the modern world (Three words)
Empire spanning from the Indus River eastward through through the Ganges River valley and south to the Deccan Plateau
Persian provinces
Most influential and successful Mauryan emperor
Religion practiced by the Hebrews
Greek word for City-state
Belief system where strict adherence to the law and harsh punishments are considered the highest morality
Respect for family obligation, in Confucianism
The one supreme force, to Hindus
Traders who built system of trading stations all throughout the Mediterranean Sea
The culture, ideals and pattern of life in classical Greece
Pre-Greek civilization that lived on the island of Crete
Arabic numerals were actually created by this small, but relatively peaceful empire near modern-day India
Group of people who developed first known use of metal coins as currency
Leader of Macedonia who invaded Athens