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MI History Crossword, ALC 35P Class 15-002

Teacher: 35P ALC Class 15-002
Intelligence from foreign electromagnetic emissions
Native American 35P's
Aerial SIGINT Platform
Military Language School
Found on MI crest
Sigint overlord
Ft. Huachuca Hall of Famer
Precursor to INSCOM
Dots and dashes
May cause damage to national security
Japanese encryption machine
Intel Ops
"... Tuesday"
"If its tight..."
AKO for nerds
German encryption machine
First American spy
Operation to break Soviet encryption
"Squints" produce this
NSA leaker
Conversion to 3 down
Contains COMINT
James Bond Wannabes practice this...
Alteration of a wave
Includes intelligence of CBRN
Intelligence Award given to Soldiers
Technical word for code
Aerial SIGINT platform
Snitches get these...
Spreading knowledge
Old TS designation
CLANG for WWII Native American 35P's
WWII Japanese Linguists
May cause exceptionally grave damage to US security
Pre-Overlord deception campaign
Spying for Pierre
Study of techniques for secure communication
Investigative committee for Intelligence abuses
Center for Army MI
Civil War spymaster
Gatewood Rank
Flipper would use this SIGINT tool
History's most damaging intelligence leak
SIGINT agency
WWI American Cryptographer
May cause serious damage to national security
Successor to 17 across
"Talky" intelligence