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American Literature Historical Narrative and the Puritan Influence

Alexandra Eades
One of the Great White Roots' natures.
The number of days that de Vaca's group could not find food.
Name of the town where John Smith lived.
Landing place of the Mayflower.
Name of the mountain where the Great Sky Spirit lived
The slaves were _________ when the whites found that they were taking fish.
The mere ________ of God was the only thing holding people up from Hell.
What did the Great Sky Spirit's daughter get blown away by?
Name of the first man and woman.
The name of the man who wrote "the General History of VIrginia"
Where Cardenas' group adventured to.
The color of the cornmeal that the women dried themselves with.
The river that was found at the other side of the Grand Canyon.
Famous fruit of the Indians who helped de Vaca.
The reason the ancient chief had the Great Tree uprooted.
What island did the whites finally see?
About how many months after they set sail did half of the ship's company die?
The animal that dove under the water and successfully obtained a piece of earth.
What did Jonathan Edwards use to make people go to church?
Small beads made of shells