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American Literature Historical Narrative and the Puritan Influence

Michael Bilansky
Units of measure of approximately three miles.
Reward; repayment
Who returned at the end of three days to where they had left the group in Texas.
King of Pamunkee.
"Those who went down and who reached them swore that they were taller than the Great Tower of _____"
The animal that the daughter lived with.
Whenever he confederate lords shall assemble for the purpose of holding a counsel, the Ononadga lords shall open it by expressing their ____ to their cousin lords.
What did the gods lay on the ground in the Navajo Origin Legend?
The ship that the people came over on in the story of Plymouth Plantation.
Dried, hallow shells of gourdes used to hold food or beverages.
Large pointed stakes set in the ground to form a fence used for defense.
Short cited
The sky spirits grandchildren were the _____ of all the Indian tribes.
All powerful
What did the gods direct the people to build an enclosure for the pare?
What must all lords of the five nations confederacy must be in all things?
The slaves were conducted immediately to the _____ yard as soon as they got off the ship.
Animal that flew up to catch the woman from the sky.
The first animal to dive down to get the Earth.