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The History of Southwest Asia

The abbreviation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
West of Afghanistan
A military force used to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in 1991.
Providing water for crops
The war Osama Bin Laden declared on the United States
_______ created several dams in recent years.
People who have to leave their homes as the result of war.
The process of removing salt and other chemicals from the sea water.
Located to the north and west of Iraq.
The language Persians Speak
A group that was made by Osama Bin laden
An empire that controlled much of the Middle East from 1300's until the end of World War 1
The country that had independence while other countries were controlled by the British or French.
A time when six million Jews were killed in concentration camps set up by Germany
The defeat in _______ brought the end of The Ottoman Empire
Two main branches of Islam
Lives in the modern country of Iran
Most cities in Southwest Asia are located near______
Located at the southern end of the Persian Gulf.
The religion followers are called Muslims