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Historical Narrative and the Puritan Influence!

When did the Indians return form their descent down the canyon after facing obstacles.
Who was the leader of the colony?
A word that Edwards uses to describe God.
Serious quality of the Five Nations.
What the Wind Spirit grabbed to pull the girl out of the mountain.
Where the Pilgrims intended to land, but failed to.
The name of the girl's father.
Number of men who first ventured with Cardenas.
What the women dried themselves with.
What the men dried themselves with.
The one who brought up the earth from the sea.
Those who were sent in the direction of sunset to investigate.
Where Captain Smith is taken prisoner.
What did many prisoners on the ship decide to do?
The ship that the Pilgrims voyaged on into America.
Name for the roots of the Tree of Great Peace.
Where did the whites begin to shout for joy?
Where the earth was placed after it was brought up.
The only thing between people and Hell.
The fruit of the Indians.