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Sociology Chapter 11

the extreme segregation and exclusion of women from public life
the total pattern of gender relations that structure social institutions, including the stereotypical expectations, interpersonal relationships and the different placement of men and women are found in institutions.
the irregularities in the process of chromosome formation or fetal differentiation can produce a person with mixed biological sex characteristics
beliefs and action that seek a more just society for women
explanations that attribute complex social phenomena to physical characteristics
the biological identity, being male or female.
the practices that single out some groups for different and unequal treatment
where men and women learn the expectations and identities associated with gender in society.
a pattern in which different groups of workers are separated into occupational categories based on gender
one’s definition of oneself as male or female
analyses that seek to understand position of women in society for the explicit purpose of improving their position in it.
a society or group in which women have power over men
the fear and hatred of homosexuals
the socially learned expectations, identities, and behaviors associated with members of each sex.