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American Historical Narrative and the Puritan Influence Crossword

Matt Goodman
The river that Don Garcia Lopez and twelve other men explored: 2 wds.
The gods laid the ears of corn on this
Native American that first talked to the Mayflower passengers
The roots that spread out from the Tree of the Great Peace: 3 wds.
The tower on the Cathedral of Seville: 4 wds.
Mound of ice and snow where the Chief of Sky Spirits and his family lived: 2 wds.
John Smith was from this colony in Virginia
A famous slave aboard a slave ship who wrote a narrative on his experiences: 2 wds.
He had the Great Tree uprooted because of his wife's dream: 2 wds.
He retrieved Earth from the waters
The arrogant leader of a colony in Virginia who was captured by Native Americans: 2 wds.
The first African American man to go into Texas
The destination of the ship that Olaudah Equiano was aboard
He gave a powerful and famous sermon: 2 wds.
Healed a Native American with the first surgery in Texas: 3 wds.
A city in the Bible that was destroyed because of the sins of people
The people that walked around the buckskin and corn four times: 2 wds.
He created Mount Sashta and all life on it: 4 wds.
Only Mayflower passenger to die on board the ship: 2 wds.
Strings of shells