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History Choice Board Crossword Puzzle

The ______ cross is also known as the Irish cross.
We learned and recited the the _______ Creed.
_______ divided the Roman Empire.
Constantine ended the first christian marder with the ______ of Milan.
Rome needed ______ from its provinces.
King Arthur's wife fell in love with this knights_________.
In medieval times young men are ______ for 5-6 years.
The Law of Moses was given to the Isrealites 50 days after the ______.
Nero played the _____ while Rome burned.
The Celts were fond of _______.
King Arthur and his knights gathered around the Round ______.
The meaning of the ________ is the God head- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
______ believe the Esseneans wrote the dead sea scrolls.
Saul was changed to_______.
______ lead the early church.
Legends say ____ Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.
Arthur's wife, Guinevere, left to become a _____.
______ labor lead to revolts.
The fall of _____ occurred in 476 A.D.
The Vikings didn't have ____ names. Instead they used nicknames.