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Instrument used to measure air pressure
Process by which water vapor changes into liquid
Instrument used to measure the relative humidity
Narrow bands of high speed winds
The side the wind hits
A local wind from an ocean or lake
The upward movement of warm air and downward movement of cold air
Wind that blows over short distances
The increase cooling that a wind can cause
The parts of Earth that contain living organisms
Movement of air parallel to Earth's surface
All the water in the form of ice on or in Earth (glaciers, icebergs...)
Continuous process by which water moves from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back again
Amount of mass in a given volume of air
Contains all of Earth's water
The result of the air pushing on an area
Water that falls to Earth as rain, hail, snow or sleet
The percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum amount of water vapor air can hold at a particular temperature
Sea and land breeze over a large breeze that change direction with the seasons
When molecules change from liquid to a gas statee
Measures the average energy of motion and particles in a substance
Flow of wind from land to a body of water
Another word for elevation
Condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time