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Hannah's Awesome Spelling!!!!

To search or examine thoroughly.
A dark figure cast on the ground.
On the coast.
Plant or animal tissue rich in such molecules, considered as a food source.
To offer an idea or plan.
A shape.
A musical instrument.
To date mail later than the current date.
Powder made from cacao seeds.
The day after today.
A solemn appeal to a deity or to some revered person or thing to witness one's determination to speak the truth or keep a promise.
Full of hope.
The process of growing.
The elements of television.
To attempt to influence something by persuasion.
A positively charged elementary particle found in all atomic nuclei.
A sun-dried brick made of clay and straw.
A plan of action to accomplish a specified end.
When land is rubbed or washed away.
To find the location of someone or something.
Loud prolonged applause.
After a particular process or method of trying or assessing.
A sign used to mark a major division in a sentence.
Literary work in metrical form.
To speak with exaggeration and pride.