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American Revolution

His etching of the Boston Massacre was probably biased
Where the peace treaty was signed
Thomas Paine's pamphlet
Name for two Congresses and an Army
The British thought this approach would win the war
Lafayette chased Cornwallis all through these two colonies' backcountry
One of a three-pronged attack, this was a loss for the British and brought the French in
Drilled the Continental Army during the winter at Valley Forge
First Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army
Outside of Philadelphia, Washington's complex strategy didn't work out
German hired soldiers
Where the Shot Heard 'Round the World was fired
The hill that the Battle of Bunker Hill was really fought on
The Colonists acquired tons of cannons at this Fort
The Acts that really started it all
Charles Lee retreated right into Washington's arms
George Washington had to flee this battle under cover of a night rain
Surrendered at Yorktown
Common term for British soldiers
Washington thought he had all the fords covered on this river
The British were caught between the Continental and French Armies and the French Navy