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Rocks and Minerals

That characteristic of a mineral that is not always the very best indicator of its identity
The approximate number of common rock forming minerals
Those rock types that are formed from extremes of heat and/or pressure
That characteristic of a mineral that is determined by how it breaks apart
The color of the powder left behind when a mineral is rubbed against an unglazed tile
Anything that is derived from non-living things
The rock type whose formation is derived from the cooling of molten magma or lava
The specific geometric 3-dimensional repeating pattern that is determined by the chemical formula of a mineral.
The type of rock that is formed from the compaction and cementation of broken pieces of rocks
That characteristic of a mineral that is defined as the way in which it reflects light
A series of process that "re-cycle" rocks from one type to another type of rock.
Substances with a definite chemical formula that serve as the building blocks for rocks