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Cyber Security Awareness

Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol
Wireless Local Area Network
attacks on a computer system to find weaknesses with the goal of gaining access
computer programs designed as helpful or interesting to a user, but can cause data theft or data loss.
code that can copy itself created for a destructive purpose for a computer or network
finding out if a subject is what is claims to be
Operating System
obtaining financial information by posing as a legitimate entity
Bridge between two computer networks
Software application which displays advertising banners while the program is running.
the scrambling or scattering of data to prevent its exposure, there exists an algorithm to cracking it
identification of an individual based on a username and password
malware that can replicate (itself) and is spread usually over networks to cause harm.
security systems that control access to the network
using internet utilities/resources from/by another system's IP (internet protocol) address
an object-oriented computer programming language designed to run on any computer system by using its own runtime environment