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What Bug Is It?

Miss Kim told the children a ladybug has wings that pop up and snap shut ______.
The story takes place _______ at the nature center.
A butterfly has wings that are ________.
The school is on __________.
A toy that looks like a baby is called a ______.
A ladybug has wings that _____ shut.
The name of the teacher in the story is ______ Kim.
An ant runs _______ on six legs and digs a hill.
A spider will ____ its web to snag flies.
"I'll huff, and I'll _____ and I'll blow your house down", said the wolf to the 3 little pigs.
At the YMCA you are on a flag _______ team.
"Look _____, you will see lots of bugs," said Miss Kim.
Bees should be left alone because they can _____ you.
St. Mary's is the name of Evan's ________.
Jill saw a bee and told the other kids to let it _____ instead of catching it.