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Chapter 9- Early Church History

Name Non-Jews were called
Extended legal protection and recognition to Christians throughout the empire
Vast, subterranean galleries beneath the city of Rome used for refuge, worship, and burial
A false doctrine that denies the deity of Christ
Wrote the first book of systematic theology in the early church
Jewish places of worship
The heresy which denies the doctrine of the Trinity
The prophetic visions written by the apostle John on the Isle of Patmos
By A.D. 100 this had been completed
Greek for "witness"
Who said, :The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church?"
Statements of beliefs
Men whom Jesus appointed to carry on His work
Pupil of Justin Martyr
Ruled Judaea in Palestine when Christ was born
Emperor who proclaimed toleration for the Christians of the East
The heresy which combines elements of Greek philosophy, Oriental religion, and Christian theology into a complex system of error which attacked the foundations of Christianity
Christians who attempted to reasonable defend Christianity against pagan defamations
Jerome's translation of the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into the common Bible of the early Western church
Emperor of the seventh persecution who required everyone to sacrifice to the ancient gods
Emperor who initiated the second persecution and demanded to be worshiped
Developed from the questions asked of new converts at baptism
Rejected the teaching of Arianism and instead confessed the true Biblical teaching of Jesus Christ
Creed of the church named for athanasius
Preachers and teachers who expounded the Scriptures, defended the faith, and championed the cause of Christ between the close of the Apostolic age and the Council of Chaldedon
The "Anointed One" of God
Church father who was a pupil of the apostle John
Apostle exiled under the reign of Domitian
Under my reign the apostles Paul and Peter were martyred