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History Vocab - Crossword

Form of government where supreme authority rests with the people
A city's basic law, its constitution
Organized by a proprietor
Famous and financially successful poet who was also a satirist and translator
A centralized government in which all government powers belong to a singe, central agency
A form of government in which the power to rule is held by a small, usually self-appointed elite
A body of people, living in a defined territory, organized politically, and with the power to make and enforce law without the consent of any higher authority
The common folk in the Roman Republic
The power to execute, enforce, and administer laws
An adjective describing a legislative body with one chamber
Form of government where those who rule cannot be held responsible to the will of the people
The power to make laws and to frame public policies
An adjective describing a legislative body composed of two chambers
A form of government In which the executive branch is made up of the prime minister, or premier, and that officials cabinet
An English Quaker leader who advocated for religious freedom
Rich upper class, landowning aristocrats or the Roman Republic
A form of government in which a single person holds unlimited power
When a state has supreme and absolute power within its own territory and can decide its own foreign/domestic policies
The belief of the people that a government has the right to make public policy
English philosopher who wrote about his theories